Warwick Road Congestion

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Added by Jon_B

Warwick Road is marked as an "Advisory Cycle Route" on the Suffolk County Council cycle map.

However, in morning rush hour it is frequently backed up a considerable distance heading south towards the traffic-light controlled 4 way junction with St Helens Street / Spring Road / Grove Lane.

There is an ASL on these lights, but in practice the carriageway is too narrow to allow cycles to pass the stopped traffic on the left hand side - particularly as the route is used by buses which occupy the space right up to the kerb.

Overtaking on the right is not a safe option where there is queue of stopped traffic as this is a two-way road with the added complication of traffic pulling out from Lancaster Road.

Given that the motorised traffic flow seems to be mainly south bound it would seem appropriate to make this a one-way street with a proper cycle lane including changing the phasing of the lights to allow cycles an advance phase to make the turn into Spring Road / St Helens Street.

One-way flow up another of the cross streets (probably Palmerston Road ) in the Northbound direction would complete the "loop" for cars and also ease traffic flow on that road which is currently difficult for cars or bikes to negotiate in a northbound direction in rush hour.


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