Stratford Town Centre

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Newham council say:

We are working with Transport for London to transform Stratford town centre. This will include introducing two-way traffic around the Stratford Centre, improving bus services, and providing better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

Changes to the one-way traffic system will allow for a better flow of traffic and reduce accidents in the area. It will also create a safer and more attractive town centre for everyone to enjoy.
Our plans aim to encourage more people to visit the Broadway, High Street and Cultural Quarter and support our local businesses and cultural venues.

As part of the plans, we want to:
- introduce a two-way traffic ​system and road calming measures to reduce speeds
- create separate cycle tracks to encourage more people to cycle through Stratford
- widen the pedestrian crossing at Meridian Square and move other crossings to locations where pedestrians prefer to cross
- improve the appearance of streets by resurfacing pavements, removing old street furniture and introducing new landscaping
- enhance the public area near Theatre Square and St John’s Church.


November 28th, 2016 12:00


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