Isleworth new mini roundabouts

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Following a number of concerns raised by local residents and users of Twickenham Road about congestion, the council is considering options for changing the way the road works to improve traffic flow. 
Specifically the council are looking at changing the way traffic is controlled at the Worton Road and Mogden Lane junctions by removing the singals and replacing them with a mini-roundabout and zebra crossing arrangement.
Most delay occurs at junctions as competing turning movements have to be safely accommodated. 
Changes to junctions can therefore help reduce delay and improve traffic flow.

Worton Road is a 4-arm signalised junction. Although the flows from one of these arms (Van Gogh Close) are very low, it still needs its own stage which takes up a disproportionate amount of time. This has an impact on journey times for those vehicles on the main road heading north or south.
As shown in the design overleaf, it is proposed to remove the signals and provide a mini-roundabout instead.  Pedestrians will still be able to safely negotiate the junction using zebra crossings on the northern, southern and western arms, and a raised junction treatment will be provided for those wishing to cross Van Gogh Close.

Similarly, the proposed design for the Mogden Lane junction involves converting the existing 3-arm signalised junction to a mini-roundabout, with zebra crossings on the northern and western arms - this mirrors the existing facilities which do not include a crossing on the southern arm. 
Cyclists will benefit from the provision of a parallel crossing on the northern arm which will maintain the current link between Mogden Lane and Northcote Avenue.


October 17th, 2017 17:00


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