Gloucester Gate to be closed to all traffic, Jan to Jun 2019

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Added by Mixhael

I read on the Regent's Park Cyclists Facebook page that Thames Water will be closing Gloucester Gate for water mains replacement, starting January 2019, ending June 2019.

They are requiring cyclists to dismount and use the footway.

The Friends of Regents Park have expressed fears of cyclists unwilling to dismount, and the attendant danger to footway users.

Justin Mckie will be asking Thames to provide a way for cyclists.

If it is anything like the works on Park Village East this autumn, there was plenty of space to provide a small passage for cyclists it was just a lack of cooperation from Thames Water than prevented it. I contacted them directly, they replied but refused to help.

If anyone has any influence at Thames Water/HS2/Camden it might be worth following this up.

This is a massive desire line for daily cycling and will be a large inconvenience for six months. On the plus side, it will be interesting to monitor motor traffic levels in the park with Gloucester Gate closed.


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