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  • A16 Norwood Improvements - development of 80-hectare site

    Created by Rosamund Humphrey (Admin Officer) // 1 thread

    The Peterborough Local Plan identifies the required delivery of 19,440 new homes and 17,600 new jobs by 2036.

    The 80-hectare Norwood site will provide 2,000 dwellings, a local centre and primary school. Delivery of the development has been sl=plit into two phases. The first phase includes up to 870 dwellings and auxiliary uses, including a primary school and local centre, and will initially be accessed via Newborough Road. The second phase will complete the build. 

    Development of 945 dewellings, a local centre, a primary school and a secondary school has already begun at the Paston Reserve (adjacent to the Norwood site).

    The project requires improvements along the A16 corridor including a new access roundabout with the A16 and a new junction with Newborough Road. The plan is to connect the two points of access with an internal road. 

    Highways England have agreed in principle to the proposed interventions.  

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